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Mac OS X + iOS = Apple OS

Currently, there’s Mac OS X for, well, Macs, as well as its “little brother,” iOS, for Apple’s mobile devices. However, Mac OS X Lion, which will prowl next summer, will introduce iOS features into Mac OS X proper. That’s a trend that I’m sure will continue.

In fact, I think it won’t be long before there’s no Mac OS X or iOS as separate entities. There will simply be one operating system known as Apple OS. The features of the two now-separate, but kin, operating systems will merge into one, scalable system.

Writing for “InfoWorld” (,1), Galen Gruman predicts a merged Mac OS and iOS that “will be able to scale across Mac Pro workstations, MacBook laptops, iMac and Mac Mini desktops, iPads, and iPhones — probably your Apple TV, too.” He points out that you can see that today in how iOS runs on iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches, but its capabilities expand or contract to fit the device in use. I think Galen is 100% on target in saying that this is an approach that will extend to Macs.

He thinks the merged operating system might be called MiOS. That’s a clever moniker, but I’m thinking that Jobs & Company will go with Apple OS instead.

I think we’ll find out within 18 months.

— Dennis Sellers

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