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Gridstore to demo next-gen NAS solution

Gridstore (, which specializes in enterprise-class Network Attached Storage grid (NASg) solutions, will demonstrate its next-generation scale-out NAS solution in booth #758 at the MSPWorld conference, being held in Los Angeles Oct. 4-6.  

Demonstrations will focus on the solution’s grid architecture and how it changes the dynamics and economics of NAS for the MSP and SMB markets, enabling them to create storage pools that centralize sharing and management of massive amounts of NAS-stored files. By combining the simplicity, convenience and affordability of NAS with the scalability, performance and reliability of enterprise-class storage, the NASg solution eliminates the risk, cost and complexity of traditional siloed storage solutions.  Gridstore puts scale-out NAS in reach of MSPs and small-medium sized businesses who until now suffered with the limitations of stand alone NAS, says Kelly Murphy, CEO of Gridstore.

The foundation of the Gridstore solution is the Gridstore NASg Storage Node, based on an Intel/Microsoft 1U rack mount platform. Demonstrations will show how these nodes form the basis of an expandable grid architecture that consolidates existing NAS islands into a single storage pool that can grow incrementally simply by adding more nodes.

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