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hsc releases Outlook Message Parser Plug-in


hendrickson software components has released their first REAL Studio plug-in, the Outlook Message Parser Plug-in ( It enables REAL Studio (REALbasic) developers to parse Microsoft Outlook Structured Storage (.MSG) files in a cross-platform development environment, including Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Linux.

According to the folks at hsc, parsing Microsoft Outlook Structured Storage .MSG files can be a challenge, even in a Windows development environment. The Outlookk Message Parser plug-in enables REAL Studio developers to easily parse Microsoft Outlook Structured Storage .MSG files cross-platform from the REAL Studio development environment.

REAL Studio developers can easily access the following properties of a Microsoft Outlook Message: From, Subject, Date, To, CC, UUID, SMTP Header, Body as Text, Body as HTML, Body as RTF, Number of Attachments, Attachment Name, Attachment MIME Type, Attachment Data as Binary Stream, and Attachment Length. Additional properties can be added on a fee basis.

Versions of the Outlook Message Parser Plugin have been tested on REAL Studio (REALbasic) versions 2006 forward. The plugin has been tested on Mac OS X 10.4 forward (including 64-bit Snow Leopard), Windows 2000 forward (including 64-bit Windows 7), and Fedora Core 7 forward. The plu-gin should run on any Intel Linux distro that supports GTK .

This REAL Studio plugin replaces hsc’s Outlook Message Parser Component, which was developed a few years ago. Users of the older component can contact sales via the hsc web site for upgrade pricing.

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