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AirWatch Mobile Device Management 5.12 available for iOS 4.x devices

AirWatch (http://www.air‐, a provider of enterprise-grade Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, today has announced the commercial availability of AirWatch 5.12. This new version of the AirWatch solution includes mobile device management capabilities for iPhone and iPod touch devices using iOS 4.

It’s available in three delivery options: Software as a Service (US$2 per device per month), a dedicated software appliance ($30 per device) and software deployed on premise behind a corporate firewall (with pricing starting at $4,995). Delivery options allow for flexibility to transition easily across the different models.

According to AirWatch CEO John Marshall, iOS 4’s expanded enterprise integration technologies, coupled with the AirWatch MDM solution, let organizations deploy and manage both corporate- and employee-liable iPhone and iPod touch iOS4 devices; protect sensitive corporate data; secure access to enterprise resources; monitor compliance with corporate policies; update and manage mobile assets remotely; and provide a robust support experience for users. 

Designed with a scalable architecture, AirWatch 5.12 offers iOS 4-specific mobile device management functionality, including an Over-the-Air (OTA) enrollment process for corporate- and employee-owned devices. To streamline and automate the provisioning of iOS 4 devices within the enterprise, AirWatch supports Active Directory user authentication and SCEP or PKCS 12 certificate distribution. After the device is enrolled, AirWatch remotely configures enterprise accounts, such as passcode policies and restrictions, Exchange, VPN, Email and Wi-Fi settings. AirWatch monitors all configurable settings in real-time, ensuring devices are compliant with corporate policies.

In addition, AirWatch 5.12 gathers device and network information for complete mobile asset management. With AirWatch, IT administrators can view and audit device configuration and provisioning profiles, certificates, restrictions, apps and security information. AirWatch 5.12 does n’t require a device agent for iOS 4 and the solution’s MDM capabilities run in the background with no impact on the end user. 

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