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Everplay update for Mac OS X brings list mode, more has released Everplay 1.5 (, an update to the US$14.95 successor to their iTunes controller Cover Stream. The new version brings list mode, easy organizing of upcoming songs, library editing capabilities, improved full screen mode with Party Lock, and much more.

Everplay plays music from your iTunes music library as well as from Last FM online radio services. It lets you browse, search and play your iTunes music library and playlists in one Cover Flow window. All this without launching iTunes. Play count and other iTunes metadata is automatically updated as soon as iTunes is launched by Everplay’s background daemon.

In addition to the standard media player features, Everplay also lets you create playlists on-the-fly using Everplay’s song queuing feature (Jukebox mode). Other features not provided by iTunes include visual player notifications, global hotkeys, a mini controller on the desktop, Growl support, speech announcements, and a fullscreen mode with album browsing capabilities. Everplay also supports the Apple Remote.

What’s more, the app is fully integrated with Last FM web and radio services. It lets you scrobble your music to Last FM, ban and love tracks, share music with your friends, tag songs or leave an artist or user a shout in their Last FM shoutbox. Everplay also lets you listen to personalized radio based on your musical preferences, tags, Last FM recommendations or similarity with a certain artist. You can even listen to your friends and other users online music library, or explore your musical match neighbourhood.

With Everplay’s Similar Artists mode, you can also use your iTunes music library as the starting point for discovering new music based on similarity with your favorite artists. Double click an album in the cover flow view to start streaming similar artists from Last FM.

Everplay requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and iTunes 7.5 or later. Last FM web services requires a free Last FM account. Radio services might require a Last FM subscription (for residents outside of the US).

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