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VMWare announces $9.99 Fusion Upgrade Program

VMware has announced an US$9.99 VMware Fusion Upgrade Program for users of any version of Parallels Desktop for Mac.

For a limited time, users can make the switch to VMware Fusion for less than 10 bucks, a $30 cost saving from the usual VMware Fusion upgrade and a $40 cost savings from upgrading to Parallels Desktop 6. More information on the VMware Fusion Upgrade Program can be found at .

For a limited time, eligible users of any version of Parallels Desktop for Mac and users of VMware Fusion 1 or VMware Fusion 2 can purchase the discounted upgrade .

For new users of Windows on Mac software, VMware Fusion 3 is available at, the Apple Online Store (, Apple retail stores,, and other authorized resellers. The suggested retail price of $79.99 includes all of the software needed to switch from a PC to a Mac.

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