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‘Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ’ answers 100 iTunes questions

TidBITS Publishing has announced the newest ebook in the Take Control series, “Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ,” by iTunes expert and audiophile Kirk McElhearn.

The 146-page “Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ” uses a Q&A approach to help readers appreciate and understand the process of adding media to iTunes, tagging it, adding album art, and organizing it into playlists.

“Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ” costs US$10, and includes coupons for $5 off Equinux’s SongGenie tool for adding missing metadata and $3 off Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil wireless audio distribution software. You can find the ebook at . Questions answered in the ebook include:

° How do I use the new Album List View in iTunes 10?
° What can I do with Ping, the new musical social network in iTunes 10?
° How do I control the sound quality when I import (rip) a music CD?
° What should I consider before I rip an audiobook CD?
° How do I turn on Genius?
° Where are good places to shop for digital music besides the iTunes Store?
° Which tags should I consider adding?
° How do I add lyrics to my tracks?
° How can I locate music that I haven’t listened to in a while?
° What special things can I do with smart playlists?
° What AppleScripts can I use to extend iTunes’ functionality?
° How do I share my iTunes library over a network?
° What can I print with iTunes?
° What’s the best way to deal with my huge music library?

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