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Support Group announces hands-on FileMaker training

FileMaker consultant and authorized training provider, The Support Group, has announced a new addition to their FileMaker training classes: Scripting with FileMaker Pro.

This one-day class introduces scripting to those already familiar with FileMaker Pro who seek to develop more useful solutions, says Chad Novotny, principal and vice president, technology for The Support Group. Students will learn to employ scripts to automate common searches, edit data, generate reports, and send emails. 

The class covers dialogs, logical branching, looping, script triggers, variables, and script parameters. Students will receive detailed handouts, participate in active discussions, and try out what they learn on the computer. Tuition for the new FileMaker training class, Scripting With FileMaker Pro is US$199. Details are at .

Scripting With FileMaker Pro is offered monthly at The Support Group’s training facilities in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s taught by certified FileMaker developers, each of whom are an active FileMaker consultant and programmer.

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