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AccessoryGeek releases leather iPad case


AccessoryGeeks ( has announced the US$24.99 Aegis Premium iPad Vertical Leather Stand Pouch that has been custom made for AccessoryGeeks’ customers. Cases are available in black synthetic leather with a soft, gray suede interior.

The cases include an elastic strap band that acts as a flap safety closure, intricate stitch detail, a padded layer for additional protection, and iPad-specific cut outs to allow for full access to buttons and product functionality, says AccessoryGeeks Vice President, Karen Kang. The case is designed to also act as a stand to erect the case in a more user-friendly fashion. It allows multiple standing options based upon the user’s preferences, including straight up at a 90 degree angle, or in a slanted fashion at either 30 or 45 degree angles.

AccessoryGeeks also offers a full line of synthetic leather iPad flip cases with magnetic closure. Retailing at $19.99, these cases also protect iPads from dust, dings and scratches.

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