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FileMaker announces Bento 3 Project Manager


FileMaker, Inc. (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, has announced the Bento 3 Project Manager, a new set of templates designed to make it easy for Mac users to track their personal projects and manage their time within one integrated, intuitive place.

The Bento 3 Project Manager includes a free 30-day trial of the popular Bento 3 personal database for Mac, plus two professionally designed, ready-to-use templates. Templates in the Bento 3 Project Manager include:

° Project Dashboard, with forms for project overview, milestones, tasks, communications, related files such as photos and presentations, and time sheets;

° Time Sheets, with pre-defined Smart Collections for hours billed, hours to be billed, and amounts due. All of this detailed information can be located quickly using iTunes-style searching.

The Bento 3 Project Manager also works with Bento for iPad and Bento for iPhone (both sold separately on the Apple App store). Users can organize their projects and time sheets on one of Apple’s popular mobile devices and then synchronize the information to their Mac. The Bento 3 Project Manager links with iCal Tasks and iCal Events – providing a central hub of information to stay more organized, on schedule and on task.

The Bento 3 Project Manager is designed to work with Bento 3, the personal database software for the Mac. Bento for the Mac costs US$49.

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