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iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Aug. 31


Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Seline HD ( is a new, US$5.99 live performance and improvisation music instrument for the iPad. Its CrystalClarity HD sound engine is capable of analyzing and predicting melodies, altering the sound on the fly with a dozen of subtle algorithms that add expression, character and life to the generated music, according to the folks at Seline HD.

Vito Technology has released a new version of Star Walk, an astronomy guide for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The new version of the app features gyroscope support on iPhone 4, Moon rise and Moon set info on SkyLive screen, full multitasking support and minor bug fixes. Star Walk is available for iPhone and iPod touch for $2.99 and on the iPad for $4.99.

Dot Next has introduced Magnetic Alphabet Lite 1.0 for the iPad, a free version of the magnetic board game. It’s designed to help preschool age children become familiar with letters and numbers. The lite version gives users a chance to try the app before they buy, with a limited set of magnets and with the ability to use two colors on the six available.

Stonesoft — a provider of network security solutions — has announced the extended availability of the StoneGate MobileID authentication software token for five new platforms: the Apple Mac OS, iPod, iPhone, iPad and Google Android. Included in the StoneGate SSL VPN solution, the StoneGate MobileID is a free client application that generates one-time passwords for secure authentication to corporate applications. StoneGate MobileID software is included free of charge for unlimited client installations with every StoneGate SSL VPN solution.

TransPerfect, a privately held provider of translation services, has released a free iPhone app for translation. The application is called TransPerfect TransImage and it provides real-time machine translation via the device’s camera for users who come across text they would like to instantly understand.

TuneWiki is offering Lyric Legend: a free-to-download mobile game for the iPhone. It focuses lyrics, letting players interact with the words to their favorite songs and discover the lyrics that might have left them wondering. As players progress to more advanced levels of game play, they test their knowledge of the lyrics and game skills.

Athos Consulting has announced Toy Physics HD 1.0.1 for the iPad. In the $3.99 game, players must draw lines to guide the falling toys into the toy crates below. The toys drop from the top and encounter many different types of physics objects on the way down making it challenging for you to get them into the moving crates. Toys will interact with spinning objects, spring-loaded beams, hydraulics, water, toy stacks, pulleys, ropes and more.

Matthew Berry has released Soccer Dad 1.1 for iPhone and iPod touch users. The $2.99 app is a new tool that eases some of the administration challenges that come with coaching a kids’ soccer team and adds an element of fun, too. In addition to helping with regular tasks such as managing information, players and schedules, Soccer Dad makes it easy to communicate with parents, organize events and snap photos. The app has also been optimized for the iPhone 4’s retina display.

Blackleaf Software has introduced What Do They Believe? 1.4 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The $0.99 app is an educational portal that provides basic fundamental knowledge of various religions and religious symbols. This latest update contains a trivia game in which users can participate in to accumulate points for their religion. These are updated and shown live on the global leaderboard when the scores place them in one of the top three spots.

Yutaka Yagiura has unveiled Domo Todo+ 4.2 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. With this newest version of the $2.99 app, list makers can add tasks and tags to their list with a single tap of their finger. Domo Todo+ also syncs with Google Calendar, so the user’s lists can be found on one location. This feature also lets users edit their list from their device or their computer’s browser. This major update includes support for the new iPhone 4 software and retina display as well as SMS, email and more.

ApproS has launched Bible Soccer 1.1 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This $1.99 app combines the fun of a soccer based video game with the spiritual and educational experience of testing a user’s knowledge of the scriptures, according to its developers. Players make their way down the field to score by correctly answering trivia questions about Bible passages.

Kengin Consulting has rolled out AmsterdamFUN – Lite 1.1, ar free version of AmsterdamFUN Deluxe for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It’s a mapping and traveling tool. Tourists can consult the map to find out where they are and discover how to get to another location. AmsterdamFUN Lite gives its users a small sampling of what can be found in the Duluxe version of the app.

Daemgen has announced ProCamera 2.9, an update to its $2.99 camera app for iPhone devices. The new version introduces the Easy Expert Mode with advanced focus/exposure control and real-time white balance adjustment and more.

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