MacCuff is mini mounter for Mac mini

Sonnet Technologies has updated its MacCuff mini (, the back-of-monitor mounting system for mini computers, has been updated for the latest Mac mini line. MacCuff mini provides users a practical way to mount the Mac mini to the back of an LCD display (or under a desk or table) while retaining full access to its power switch, the SD card and optical disc slots, and all of its ports. 

Sonnet helps cut the cable clutter by providing a 13-inch HDMI to DVI-D monitor cable that connects the Mac mini to the monitor, without ever touching the desk. Included cable ties secure the power cord and other cables to the bracket to prevent accidental disconnects. The MacCuff mini can just as easily be installed under a desk or shelf, according to the folks at Sonnet. Regardless of the mounting method, MacCuff mini’s design leaves the computer’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® antennas uncovered to allow normal operation.

MacCuff mini can also help secure the Mac mini to the mounting surface. An included locking bar slides through slots at the front of the MacCuff mini bracket, which, when used with a lock, secures the Mac mini from the front while a tall lip prevents removal of the Mac mini from the back of MacCuff mini. 

MacCuff mini is constructed of steel, and its double powder-coated finish won’t scuff or scratch the computer’s finish. For back-of-monitor mounting, users need to locate the empty VESA mount screw holes on the back of the monitor and then use the supplied machine screws to secure the MacCuff mini. For under-desk mounting, users simply tape the included drill template to the surface, drill pilot holes, and attach the bracket using the supplied wood screws. Mac mini easily slides into the MacCuff mini. 

The new MacCuff mini will be available the week of Sept. 6 for the suggested retail price of US$69.95.

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