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Apple supplier chairman steps down in bribery brouhaha

Singapore’s JLJ Holdings, one of several Asian firms named in Apple’s bribery suit against one of its own mid-level managers, announced Thursday that its executive chairman had temporarily relinquished his duties, notes “Fortune” (

Andrew Ang, a former employee of a JLJ subsidiary called Jin Li Mould, was named last week in Apple’s suit against Paul Shin Devine, an Apple global supply manager. Devine has been accused of trading confidential Apple information in return for more than $1 million in payments, bribes and kickbacks, some of which he allegedly shared with Ang.

“Andrew Ang is the brother-in-law of the company’s executive chairman,” JLJ Holdings said in a statement. “In order to facilitate the impartial review of all activities relating to the Apple claim that may involve the Company and its subsidiaries, the company’s executive chairman has also voluntarily relinquished all executive duties.”

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