iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Aug. 16

>Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Adduce Studios has announced Evolution Defense 1.0 for iPhone. Using the power of genetics, a free app that brings new possibilities to the Tower Defense genre with DNA-based opponents giving more than 16 million enemies to combat and a multi-player mode that lets you engineer and unleash new viruses on your opponent, it brings almost unlimited possibilities to the game.

David Palmerio has released E-Guitar HD 1.0, a US$1.99 guitar learning tool for the iPad. Designed specifically for the larger tablet screen, it features 16 original lessons of increasing difficulty, divided in two sections of eight lessons each.

Humble Gaming has rolled out Live Notes Lite 1.0, a a free Productivity app for the iPad. Designed for business Professionals, students, academics and the market at large, it allows the user to synchronize voice recording with written notes.

Expanded Apps and Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, has launched U-Ventures: Return to the Cave of Time, a $3.99 iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Simon & Schuster worked closely with software developer Expanded Books/Expanded Apps and Edward Packard, a creator and principal author of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure book series.

Supportware has debuted My Steam 1.0, a $0.99 app for iPhone an iPod touch devices. It lets you access information about your Profile, friends, favorite servers and Steam news directly. It was inspired by the Steam games platform from Valve, which became available for Mac OS X in May. The server section gives you real-time player stats of Valve games being played.

TeamLava is offering their social city-building game City Story for iOS devices, for free. In their second title, an urban sequel to Farm Story, players can dust off their overalls and try out life as a city slicker.

Game Trading Technologies — a Provider of comprehensive trading solutions for video game retailers, publishers, rental companies and consumers — has unveiled their GameBook Mobile, a free app for Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad that allows video game players to build, value, manage, and trade their personal video game software collections.

Chef John Terczak has served up the SeasonedCook, an iPhone app that offers a video-based, visual apProach to learning for Professional chefs and beginners alike, It’s $2.99 per each class. All are supported by the free CookMobile app that Provides the course framework. iPhone users can review a range of content, take practice exams, and view fundamental skills necessary for any cook. Each class is complete and structured as in: Stocks & Sauces, Class Soups, Vegetables, etc., an eBay company, has announced a free iPhone app and “Buying Wizard” that helps students comparison shop and secure deals on textbooks.

GEICO has released the GloveBox app for the iPad. The free app lets you pay auto insurance bill, access current insurance ID cards, record accident info, reach GEICO and view a selection of GEICO videos on YouTube.

IK Multimedia has rolled out seven more GrooveMaker style packs for the iPad. Debuted in April 2010, GrooveMaker for iPad now comprises a total of 12 style-based versions including Free, Hip Hop, House, Progressive-Tech House, D’n’B, Club, Techno, Trance, Electro, Rock, Reggae and Reggaeton covering all genres of dance music. They’re $9.99 each.

TV Guide Digital, with over 1.3 million iPhone app installations, has published its TV Guide App for iPad, sponsored exclusively by Showtime. It’s free and features social TV listings, entertainment news, and’s signature Fall TV Preview coverage.

Lateral Communications has announced Cramberry 2.0, an update to their flash card memorization application for the web, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Users can create flash cards through the Cramberry web site and sync them to their iPhone or iPad, or create flash cards directly on the device. Version 2.0 features a better design, an imProved flash card studying algorithm, and support for detailed flash cards. Cramberry is available as an iPhone and iPod touch application, a separate iPad app, and a web application at The new update to all three applications is free for existing users. The iPhone and iPad apps are available for download for $4.99 and $6.99, respectively. A free basic account is available on the Cramberry web site that offers access to the same flash card management features, but is limited to studying 30 cards per day. Users can upgrade to Cramberry Pro for one year for $9.

Mindwarm has released Swip 4.01 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users looking for a way to share contact information. The $0.99 app offers in-person, group contact exchange using WiFi and Bluetooth peer-to-peer technology. Swip has WYSIWYG formatting so you see exactly what information you share. Photos and notes can also be shared. Users have the option of time and location stamping each exchange. Swip is more than Bump without the shake.

Affle has updated Pinch, its free “iMessenger” app that integrates three activities among smart phone users: messaging, location based mobile social networking, and social leader-board contests. Pinch iMessenger is also purportedly the first app to allow smart phone users to interact meaningfully across the dominant mobile phone ecosystems: iPhone, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry.

Comm-Unity Networking Systems has rolled out FMP Ref 1.5, an update of the $1.99 iPhone/iPod touch reference app for FileMaker Pro. This is a quick reference for Calculation Functions, Script Steps, Plug-ins and more.

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