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WorkLight offers iPhone app connectivity

WorkLight ( has released a new version of its WorkLight Mobile Platform that enables developers and IT professionals to build and integrate new iPhone, iPad and iPod apps with enterprise systems.

This new version offers iOS support for backend enterprise connectivity and provides the ability to connect existing native applications with enterprise infrastructure. WorkLight offers support for downloadable smartphone applications that can be developed using either native or web-based technologies and tools. The WorkLight Mobile Platform’s enterprise connectivity layer includes:

° A native library that enables connectivity to backend enterprise and cloud services through the WorkLight Server;

° Flexible integration with authentication mechanisms to enable custom authentication on the client side, such as two factor authentication or keylogger protection;

° Infrastructure for running applications at scale and with fast performance including caching, clustering and load balancing support;

° Management and reporting of end user statistics including application-specific events.

In addition, WorkLight’s software allows companies to reuse the enterprise connectivity layer for applications developed for other smartphones beyond the iOS platform, such as the Android.

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