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UpStand a fine iPad stand (if only it had more flexibility)


Just Mobile’s UpStand ( is an US$49.95 iPad stand tht looks like what I suspect an iPad stand from Apple would look like if they decided to make one — even down to the packaging.

Engineered from aluminum, the UpStand’s supporting grips are finished in rubber to hold your iPad firmly in place and protect it from scratches. It’s compatible with most iPad cases, too. The UpStand will float your iPad at just the right height for desktop use. It’s perfect for working with a Bluetooth keyboard (essential, in my opinion, if you’re going to do much word processing on the device), watching movies or using the iPad as a digital picture frame. It’s also great if you use the Air Display app (, which lets you use your iPad as a small, secondary screen for your Mac. You can even use the UpStand even turn your iPad into a functioning alarm clock or recipe book.

As I mentioned, the UpStand’s aluminum styling is very Apple-esque and a perfect match aesthetically for the iPad. For the most part its design is extremely well planned. For example, the base of the stand is non-slip to keep the UpStand — and your iPad — securely in place. I says “for the most part,” however, because there’s no angle or height adjustability, which would have been nice.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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