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DeviceAnywhere adds iPhone 4 to test center

DeviceAnywhere ( — a provider of technological solutions to streamline mobile content creation, certification and customer satisfaction — has announced the addition of Apple’s iPhone 4 to its portfolio of devices accessible online via DeviceAnywhere Test Center.

This latest addition ups DeviceAnywhere’s portfolio to over 2,000 devices on over 30 carriers across the world. Customers of the DeviceAnywhere Test Center solution now have access to the full array of Apple mobile products, including all four generations of iPhones and the Apple’s iPad, allowing them to benefit from the thriving Apple developer ecosystem.

DeviceAnywhere is an online service used by thousands of organizations and their developers worldwide. It provides access to real mobile handsets that are each connected to live networks. These devices are accessible remotely over the Internet, allowing users to interact in real time to ensure all development, porting, testing, and monitoring needs are met.

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