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Mobile Edge makes checkpoint friendly laptop bags from corn


It may sound corny (sorry, couldn’t stop myself) but Mobile Edge has teamed up with DuPont and incorporated their new polymeric material Sorona as the main material for their new ScanFast laptop cases. This pioneering material is produced partially with agricultural feedstock (corn stocks) that purportedly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 63 percent when compared to typical petroleum based Nylon or Polyester production.

Mobile Edge designed their new Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case Collection ( with this new renewable resource which reduces energy consumption during production by 30%, reducing dependency on oil and petrochemical products, according to G. David Cartwright, president and CEO of Mobile Edge. The Sorona fibers are soft and extremely stain resistant with high strength and stiffness qualities, he adds.

The TSA has announced guidelines that allow travelers with properly designed carrying cases to pass through security checkpoints without removing their laptops.  Mobile Edge has responded by creating the ScanFast Collection; each case is designed to provide an unobstructed security scan of the computer.  

The ScanFast 2.0 Collection consists of a briefcase, traditional messenger bag and a backpack all priced at $99.99 each. All three styles are in stock and shipping from the Mobile Edge facility in Anaheim, California.

— Dennis Sellers

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