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Smith Micro releases Spring Cleaning Essentials for the Mac


Smith Micro Software has released Spring Cleaning Essentials for Mac, a suite of tune-up utility tools to help users keep their Macs running like new. It lets users clean up, optimize and maintain their Macs with tools that organize files, reduce clutter and completely uninstall unwanted applications.

Spring Cleaning Essentials offers search capabilities to help novice users organize their hard drives, as well as protect and archive files and data, according to Pauline Shumake, senior product manager, Productivity and Graphics Group at Smith Micro Software. The interface allows users to achieve results immediately. As a user’s needs evolve beyond basic hard drive maintenance, Spring Cleaning Essentials offers the ability to individually purchase specialized tools for managing multimedia, securely uploading files to the cloud and much more, she adds.

Spring Cleaning Essentials features include:    

° Personalization: you can mix, match and add toolsets to meet your needs. With the personalization feature, users can select the additional toolsets they desire, saving money and time.

° Duplicates Finder, which allows users to locate and manage duplicate files with the same name on the hard drive.

° Custom search, which offers the ability to locate any file by using the custom search function.  

° The ability to choose the end action, whether it’s to archive, delete or send it up to the cloud to any file.

°Access Monitor, which allows users to search for files based on access dates.

Additional toolsets available include the:

° Internet File Manager: users can add the Internet File Manager toolset to help delete Internet files as well as de-clutter their email Inbox.

° Multi-Media Manager: designed for Mac users who collate large amounts of music, photos, movies and other media-specific files that consume a lot of space.

° Maintenance Manager: enables users to run specific tools to maintain their Mac, helping with areas specific to Spotlight, the system cache and system permissions among others.

° Space Creator: free up more space on the hard drive of a user’s Mac with tools to help delete unneeded files.

° File Manager: lets users manage and sort through files and documents.

° Application Manager: offers the ability to find, manage or completely delete unwanted applications or widgets.

° QuickCompare: provides users a side-by-side comparison of files, especially useful to compare files with duplicate names. Also includes ability to synchronize folders.

° SendStuffNow: offers the ability to safely and securely send files. By uploading selected files to the cloud, SendStuffNow ensures that files are protected and can only be retrieved by the intended recipient.

Spring Cleaning Essentials is available for US$19.99 with additional toolsets starting at $9.99 from the Smith Micro web store at, as well as at resellers, catalogs and distribution partners worldwide.

Spring Cleaning Essentials requires Mac OS 10.4.11 or newer. An Internet connection required for video tutorials.

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