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BodyGuardz redesigns its films to cover iPhone 4 antenna gap

NLU Products ( has redesigned its recently released BodyGuardz line of clear, scratch-proof films for the Apple iPhone 4 to bridge a gap in the phone’s innovative antenna that, when touched directly, has resulted in reception problems for some users.

BodyGuardz is created from the same film typically used to shield the fronts of automobiles from abrasive elements and environmental impact. They’re made with a urethane film designed for clear surface protection and an antibacterial mold inhibitor and anti-corrosion compound mixed directly into the adhesive.

BodyGuardz for the Apple iPhone 4 is available for US$14.95 for screen, $24.95 for full-body protection; BodyGuardz for other mobile devices are available for $14.95 to $24.95.

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