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Paradigma Software ships Valentina DB 4.7

Paradigma Software ( has released Valentina DB 4.7, an update of the columnar database for business and developers. The new version sports over a dozen of user requested improvements and optimizations, as well as several core improvements and updates for 64-bit operations under Mac OS X.

Valentina DB based products include Valentina ADK and Valentina Developer Network for developers desiring to incorporate the Valentina DB into their applications. VDN also allows royalty free deployment of Valentina Embedded Server. Developer solutions start at $199 for every major development environment for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and iPhone.

Standalone, business ready Valentina Office Server is also available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, and includes full PHP development, PDF reports generation, SSL security, Bonjour auto-lookup features and more.

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