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Mobile pros favor the iPhone over the Android


Egnyte, a provider of cloud file server solutions, has announced Egnyte Everywhere, a new mobile suite that allows business users to access and share their business files from leading smartphones, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry, as well as the new iPad. And research by the company shows the popularity of the Apple idevices.

The iPhone app leverages iOS 4 in providing off-line access to files including support for iTunes file sharing. The announcement coincides with the release of a new national study on mobility and data access while on the road. The study revealed that when nature calls, the hard working keep working with 53% of mobile professionals admitting to accessing data from their smartphone while in the bathroom. In addition, document apps appear to be a big hit with mobile business professionals; 36% stated that among all top apps, document apps keep them most productive while on the road.

The mobile survey, which was commissioned by Egnyte, revealed that the number one thing mobile professionals miss most about not working in the office is accessing files from a file server. Egnyte Everywhere provides anytime access and file sharing capabilities from leading smartphones. The product offers new native applications for the iPhone and iPad, along with web based access to files for Blackberry and Android users via the Egnyte mobile drive — “m” drive — that enables mobile secure access to their Egnyte file server without any additional software installation on the device.

The native applications for iPhone and iPad users and web-based access for other smartphones provide centralized file server administration to mobile users. Mobile users can access and share files, navigate folder hierarchies and upload files from their smartphones. Other key findings from the survey included:

°  Nearly half (41%) of respondents reported that printing is the most frustrating thing about working outside of the office while 36% were most frustrated by the inability to find a fast and reliable WiFi connection.

° The iPad may be popular but 63% of professionals stated that it would not replace the PC.

° Worthy of a Dr. Drew intervention, 41% of mobile professionals confess they are most addicted to the Facebook app.

° In the battle of the smartphone titans — Apple versus Google, almost 60% of mobile professionals favor the iPhone as America’s biggest winner edging out Android who had 29%.
Egnyte conducted this study from June 8, 2010 to June 15, 2010. Over 600 mobile business professionals answered an online survey by Zoomerang. For more information on the survey or to review the complete results visit .

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