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Centrify offers free AD authentication for Macs

Centrify Corp., which specializes in securing and auditing access to cross-platform systems and applications through Active Directory, has announced availability of Centrify Express, a new set of free software applications and tools, content resources and community forums designed to help organizations improve security and compliance of data center and desktop systems.

A subset of the company’s award-winning Centrify Suite of identity and access management solutions (IAM), Centrify Express is ideal for organizations interested in establishing a single sign-on experience for Mac and Linux users based on their existing Active Directory credentials. To download the free software, visit .
Centrify Express comprises:

° DirectControl Express, which enables Mac OS X and Linux servers and workstations to participate in a Windows Active Directory domain and gives users Active Directory-based single sign-on;

° DirectManage Express, which automates deployment and management activities by providing a central solution to discover non-Windows systems on a network; assess and validate the system’s ability to join Active Directory; download the right packages for systems; and automatically deploy software to join systems to Active Directory–all from one easy-to-use graphical management tool;

° Centrify-enabled open source tools and utilities, which allow for cross-platform connectivity and file sharing with Centrify-enabled versions of OpenSSH, PuTTY and Samba that have been enhanced and tested to work with Active Directory and support Kerberos while delivered as easy-to-install pre-compiled packages;

° Centrify Express community: a full open community, moderated by Centrify technical experts and customers, to support learning, collaboration and best-practice development in support of single sign-on and related security and compliance initiatives, featuring forums, how-to videos, best-practice guides and more.

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