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Survey looks at digital reading experience, satisfaction


In its fifth annual Profile of the Digital Edition Reader, conducted with BPA Worldwide certified results, digital publishing provider, Texterity confirms the increasing enthusiasm for and reliance on digital and mobile formats.

With results culled from more than 31,000 respondents, this year’s findings are split into two separate reports for consumer and B2B [business-to-business] sectors. Created as digital magazines, these reports not only present the data but analyze it in the context of the fast-changing reading environment.

This research is available free of charge at . In general, trends show more engagement with digital editions, more web site use, more interaction with social media, and increased interest in mobile delivery. Highlights, averaged from consumer and B2B responses, support publishing goals:

° 86% are satisfied or highly satisfied with their digital reading experience.

° 57% read their digital edition the same day it arrives — up 16% since 2009.

° 50% spend more than a half hour reading their digital edition.

° 58% go to an advertiser’s web site.

° 40% e-mailed a digital article to a friend

Yet each segment presents different, telling behaviors. Fifty-five percent of consumer magazine readers tried a new product or idea presented in their digital edition — higher than the B2B readers, but 59% of B2B readers downloaded an article for future reference, higher than consumer readers.

As one would expect, 21% of B2B respondents have a Blackberry and 27% have an iPhone or iPod. Sixteen percent plan to buy an iPad. Of consumer respondents, 12% have a Blackberry but 35% have an iPhone or iPod. Twelve percent plan to buy an iPad.

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