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WaterField Designs announces two new iPhone cases


WaterField Designs ( has announced the iPhone 4 Smart Case and iPhone 4 Suede Jacket in new “Bumper-Fit” sizes to fit the iPhone 4 within the Apple Bumper Case. To avoid the widely reported reception issues associated with the smartphone, more users are utilizing the Apple Bumper or similarly thin rubberized cases.

The Smart Case and Suede Jacket further protect the screen and device from bumps and scratches and are now available to fit over the popular iPhone 4 skins, according to the folks at Waterfield Design. The iPhone 4 Smart Case (pictured) offers a multi-layered padding system with a high-impact, rigid insert to protect the screen. It’s available in three functional style variations offer carrying options: slip style (US$39), for stashing in a pocket or bag; flap style ($45): for attaching to a bag or backpack strap for quick access; and clip style ($45) for clipping to a belt or bag

The Suede Jacket is a snug-fitting case made from 100% Ultrasuede with stretch memory. It doubles as a screen cleaner and sports a a bottom loop for extracting the iPhone from the case is available in two sizes: one for the “naked” iPhone and one for the iPhone with Bumper Case. They’re $10 and $14, respectively.

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