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Kool Tools: Sennheiser MM450


The Sennheiser MM450 (which you can pick up for around US$449) is a BlueTooth enabled headset with noise canceling features that let you converse with other people with the push of a button — without accidentally cutting them off.

It uses replaceable proprietary batteries with USB charging. The MM450 has both wireless and wireless connectivity — and its myriad of features work in both modes. It has an “invisible microphone” and a wired connection option thanks to the included cable and adapters. It automatically disables Bluetooth when a normal plug is inserted.

The MM 450 Travel headset, designed to work with the latest mobile phones (including the iPhone) and other Bluetooth devices. All controls are located on the right speaker pod.

Sennheiser says the MM450 has a frequency response of the MM 450 Travel of 15-22,000Hz and cancels out up to 90% of background noise. The company says features include:

° NoiseGard 2.0: interactive noise cancellation;

° TalkThrough: one press of a button turns on the external microphone so you can talk to fellow passengers or the flight attendant without removing the headset;

° The A2DP profile for Stereo Bluetooth delivers optimized hi-fi stereo sound;

° A direct cable option for use on airplanes, with an airline adapter included;

° Padded ear-cushions;

° Easy-2-GO: the headset folds into a compact bundle for travel and storage, while the headband is metal-reinforced for durability.

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