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Mirror Image Internet, Wowza Media Systems support high capacity CDN streaming to idevices

Mirror Image Internet (, a provider of content delivery solutions, has announced expanded streaming capabilities with partner, Wowza Media Systems (, boosting per-server performance to 10 Gbps for high capacity video streaming.

Since the companies began working together in 2009, the partnership has enabled organizations to take advantage of video streaming to the latest and most popular devices and platforms including the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, with hundreds of customers streaming content on Mirror Image’s network through Wowza servers.

Video streaming, on the Web and to mobile devices, has quickly become one of the leading content strategies, with growth only expected to continue. According to results of Cisco’s annual Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast, global Internet video traffic will surge past P2P traffic by the end of this year, emerging as the Internet’s largest growth driver.

By 2014 Cisco anticipates the Internet video traffic will equate to two years of video every second. Given these numbers, content providers and organizations need more delivery support than ever, at minimal infrastructure cost. Mirror Image and Wowza offer a range of high-capacity services to their customers, including streaming video, without requiring them to encode content in multiple formats for each destination client.

The Mirror Image global network provides a wide range of platforms including Wowza Media, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Windows Media/Silverlight, Apple QuickTime, RealNetworks RealVideo and others.

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