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Monotype Imaging adds ITC New Esprit family to typeface collection

Monotype Imaging Holdings has released the 16-font ITC New Esprit typeface family into the ITC typeface collection. Available in both text and display versions, ITC New Esprit can be viewed, licensed and downloaded from the company’s, and e-commerce sites.

ITC New Esprit was created by Jovica Veljović, who designed the ITC Esprit typeface more than 25 years ago. Veljović took the basic letterforms of his original typeface to create two variants of ITC New Esprit: one for improved text composition and the other for display typography.

ITC New Esprit comprises 16 typefaces that are available in four weights (from regular to black), each with an italic counterpart in the text and display variants. All ITC New Esprit fonts are available in the OpenType format, which supports both Mac and Windows platforms.

Selections are also offered as OpenType Pro fonts, which enable the ability to apply advanced typographic features and effects, such as the automatic insertion of old style figures, ligatures and small capital letters. ITC New Esprit Pro fonts provide an extended character set to support the English and Romance languages, in addition to most Central European and Eastern European languages.

Individual fonts, selection packs and typeface families can be viewed, purchased and downloaded from the above-mentioned web sites.

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