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QNAP releases version 3.3 of NAS Management Software

QNAP Systems has announced an update to the NAS management software embedded in their Turbo NAS products as firmware. Version 3.3 update provides new features and enhancements for consumer and business users of both current and legacy Turbo NAS server models.

Support for the QMobile app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users allows music, photos, and videos stored on QNAP Turbo NAS servers to be remotely streamed and played directly on the Apple devices anywhere there is access to a WiFi or 3G network, eliminating the need to store the content physically on the device. Also, a new Firmware Live Update feature allows QNAP Turbo NAS servers to automatically check for and download new NAS management software updates.

Version 3.3 has other new features and enhancements, as well. The firmware is available for download free of charge at .

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