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Gossip: Apple to buy more companies, get into the TV biz


“Silicon Alley Business Insider” ( says that, according to “gossip” at a a CEO dinner last night at Il Buco in Manhattan — set up by the local Mobile Monday group and folks from Skyhook Wireless and Gunderson Dettmer — Apple plans to buy more companies and get into the TV business.

“Besides the leaks of a supposed new Apple TV device, the company also renamed its iPhone OS ‘iOS,’ foreshadowing a future beyond mobile devices,” the article says. “The company’s move into advertising — mobile, so far, but no reason it can’t extend into TV somehow — is another hint.”

“Silicon Alley Business Insider” also says Apple is looking at all kinds of deals, even up to $1 billion. This move is purportedly being led by Adrian Perica.

Perica is a former Goldman Sachs investment banker, hired by Apple in January. He’s believed to be the first first dedicated merger and acquisition specialist on the company’s staff.

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