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Clearwire adds 4G/3G modem for Macs


Clearwire Corp., a provider of wireless broadband services, has announced the upcoming availability of three new Mac compatible products that will extend the potential for super-fast speeds and unlimited 4G usage plans to the millions of mobile devices available today, according to Dow Draper, vice president of product development for Clearwire.

The latest suite of devices — the CLEAR SpotTM 4G, CLEAR Spot 4G+, and the CLEAR 4G+ Mobile USB, bring new 4G connectivity possibilities to a wide range of Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, netbooks, smartphones, and other connected devices — without the worries or hassles of tiered or capped usage plans, he says.

The CLEAR Spot 4G offers the speed and flexibility of a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, simultaneously connecting multiple Wi-Fi devices at 4G speeds, while the CLEAR Spot 4G+ adds the option of allowing users to use nationwide 3G coverage when outside the 4G coverage area. In addition, the CLEAR 4G+ Mobile USB modem is the first dual-mode mobile USB from CLEAR to deliver 4G and nationwide 3G Internet coverage to the MacBook and MacBook Pro along with other non-Mac devices.

With CLEAR super-fast mobile Internet service, users can experience average mobile download speeds of 3 to 6 mbps with bursts over 10 mbps, using Clearwire’s 4G network, according to Draper. Unlike service plans from traditional wireless carriers which cap data usage, CLEAR offers unlimited 4G usage plans that don’trequire long-term service contracts.

In most markets, unlimited 4G coverage from CLEAR starts at US$30 for the home, while unlimited mobile plans start at $40. Bundled services such as Home and On-The-Go and Home and Voice plans start at $55 per month. CLEAR service is currently available in dozens of cities, in areas of the U.S. where approximately 51 million people live. A detailed map of service availability can be found at .

The CLEAR Spot 4G is a personal mobile hotspot allowing users to share Internet access anywhere CLEAR has coverage simultaneously with up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices, including laptops, smartphones, and portable gaming devices. The CLEAR Spot 4G is manufactured by InfoMark and will be available for purchase at $99.99 or for a $4.99 monthly lease. It can be pre-ordered today at and will be available nationwide at CLEAR stores and authorized dealers in July.

The CLEAR Spot 4G+ allows power users and road warriors alike to stay connected across the U.S. by automatically switching from 4G and connecting to Sprint’s 3G nationwide network outside the 4G coverage area. The CLEAR Spot 4G+ enables users to share the connection with up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices all at the same time. The CLEAR Spot 4G+ is manufactured by Sierra Wireless and will be available to purchase for $224.99 or to lease for $5.99 per month. It can be preordered today at and will be available nationwide at CLEAR stores and authorized dealers in July.

Clearwire already offers two 4G-only USB modems for Mac users, but today introduced the company’s first dual-mode 4G/3G modem available for Mac users, the CLEAR 4G+ Mobile USB. When not in the 4G coverage area, the modem will automatically switch to the Sprint 3G network to provide more ubiquitous data connectivity around the country.

The 4G+ Mobile USB is compatible with MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops using Mac OS X Versions 10.5.x and 10.6.x. It’s manufactured by Sierra Wireless and can be purchased for $114.99 or leased monthly for $5.99.

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