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QuickerTek offers improved Apple Juicz battery for MacBook Air

QuickerTek ( is offering the third generation of its Apple Juicz external battery (US$399.95) for the Apple MacBook Air. This product design now exclusively uses the standard MagSafe power adapter (that comes with the MacBook Air) to recharge the external battery.

This is the very first and only external battery for the MacBook Air with two female USB ports, according to the folks at QuickerTek. These ports can simultaneously charge any
USB device that can gets power via USB. The Apple Juicz External Battery also features proprietary circuitry for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad or any 30-pin iPod, while chargiing and power all models of the MacBook Air laptop.

It also sports circuitry for fail-safe protection. Additional features include temperature control and charge/discharge rates monitoring, cell balancing and a fuel gauge indicator that when pushed tells how much “Juicz” is left in the battery.

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