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WebOS interface designer returns to Apple


WebOS interface designer Rich Dellinger has left the company (which has been acquired by HP) to rejoin his former employer: Apple.

Dellinger, who was instrumental in developing Palm’s core Mojo app framework as well as the webOS notification system, has returned to Apple, where he worked from 1999 to 2006. As the senior user interface designer for Apple in 2005-2005, Dellinger:

° Designed applications for Apple software products and was responsible for prototyping interfaces, creating animations, developing visual designs, designing icons, and devising new features for future products.

° Worked with other user interface designers on multiple iterations of each design, with guidance from the top levels of Apple’s executive team.

° Delivered finished graphics and animation specifications to engineering for implementation.

° Developed numerous interaction and visual design explorations for Apple’s iPhone product.

° Helped to design applications such as Photo Booth, Front Row, and iCal. Delivered over 200 high-resolution icons for Mac OS X v10.5.

His new position at Apple has the same title as a former position: senior user interface designer. “Just what, exactly, he’ll be doing in that capacity remains to be seen, but I imagine it will have something to do with Apple’s newly rebranded iOS and its system alerts,” John Paczkowski writes for “All Things D” (

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