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R10Cipher file/text encryption solution adds ‘Decrypt Only’ mode

Arten Science has updated R10Cipher (, a cross platform encryption/decryption tool, to version 4.0. It can run in a “Decrypt Only” mode that doesn’t require any purchase.

R10Cipher supports drag and drop multiple file encryption, and decryption by double clicking a file to recreate it with its original filename. R10Cipher takes text or files and encrypts them. These files can be Word files, Excel files, MP3 files — almost any kind of file.

Its encrypted files can be copied elsewhere, even to a different operating system and unencrypted by anyone in possession of the shared key that was used for the encryption. If encrypting text, this Cipher Text can then be copied into an email, saved as a file and attached to an email or just copied elsewhere. The recipient can use R10Cipher to open the file and view the encrypted contents, assuming they’re in possession of the Shared Key that was used to encrypt the document in the first place.

If encrypting a file the encrypted file can be stored or sent in the full knowledge that it’s contents are not visible to anyone without access to R10Cipher and the Shared Key. Decryption can be carried out by double clicking the encrypted file and entering the Shared Key. R10Cipher supports batch encryption by drag ‘n drop.

R10Cipher doesn’t require installation, so you can copy the Mac and and Windows versions of R10Cipher to a USB drive along with your encrypted documents and files.

R10Cipher 4 costs approximately US$26 for a single user license and $202 for a corporate site license. Discounts are available for educational and charitable institutions.

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