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Belkin introduces new cases for the iPhone 4

Belkin ( has introduced a plethora of new cases for the iPhone 4. They’re available in five types.

Grip cases protect your iPhone and come in a variety of textured designs while adding style, color, and gripability. Grip cases’ form-fitting design lets your iPhone charge while still in the case. These cases are designed for those carrying their iPhone in their palm and using it to video chat and play games.

Shield cases protect your iPhone while providing increased shock absorption and impact resistance. These cases add little bulk and offer protection while allowing full access to connector, buttons, and iPhone screen. Shield cases work well for pocket carriers.

Verve cases are leather cases that protect your iPhone from everyday scratches and scuffs. They’re tailored to be slim and form-fitting.

Fit armbands are designed for the active user. They’re made with breathable and hand-washable fabric, and flex with you as you move about your workout.

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