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RadVision provides iPad, iPhone interoperability

RadVision (, a technology and end-to-end solution provider for unified visual communications, has announced advancements to its Scopia solution, including extending video conferencing data collaboration to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, providing interoperability with video conferencing systems for data.

The new advanced data collaboration is also the first in the video conferencing industry to provide users with extended capabilities with H.239 interoperability, according to RadVision Chief Technology Officer Yair Wiener. RadVision’s new Scopia advanced data collaboration delivers interoperable H.239 based data collaboration with access from the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. With this capability, materials such as presentations, spreadsheets, documents and images shared in a video conference can be viewed on these Apple mobile devices.

This advanced data collaboration will be available in RadVision’s Scopia Mobile product offering, a free application extending the Scopia conferencing solution. RadVision will be demonstrating Scopia’s advanced data collaboration with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch interoperability at the InfoComm 2010 Exposition in Las Vegas, June 9-11.

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