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Apple offers self-publishing option at iBookstore


Apple is now offering a way to let you self-publish books on the iBookstore. Or at least be considered for publication.

A note at iTunes Connect ( describes it this way: “Use this application to tell us more about yourself and the content you are interested in distributing. We will contact you with your application status after we have reviewed it. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we may not be able to get back to you as quickly as we’d like. While we’re reviewing your application, it is not necessary to apply again.

“This application is intended solely for use by persons who either own or control a catalog of content for digital distribution, or are an authorized representative of someone who does.”

When Apple announced the iPad, it also announced the new iBooks app for iPad, which includes Apple’s new iBookstore, a way to browse, buy and read books on a mobile device. And Apple has plans for the iBookstore beyond the US. The app is also coming to the iPhone and iPod touch along with iPhone OS 4.

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