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iRecord Music is iPhone/iPod compatible PMP


Streaming Networks has released iRecord Music PMR-300 (, an US$79.99, one-touch personal audio recorder that can directly record music and audio to portable media players (PMP), including all iPhone and iPod devices. The recorded files appear in the PMP’s playlist for immediate playback.

iRecord Music can also record to its internal storage space of 2GB. The contents can later be synced to an attached PMP with a touch of a button. Virtually any analog source is supported by iRecord Music, with a gain selection switch that compensates for peak-to-peak variation of output signal levels of different analog sources. Supported audio codecs are MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC.

iRecord Music is also a voice recorder and an audio player. Meetings, lectures and any other audio signal can be recorded using the on-board microphone. The USB cap of iRecord Music, housing a rechargeable battery, brings portability to iRecord Music when recording on-the-go or playing back from the local storage.

iRecord Music can be used as a standard USB flash drive as well. Any data can be transferred between a computer and iRecord Music. Its built in intelligence automatically recognizes when to act like a recorder, player, USB flash drive, or when to synchronize with a PMP.

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