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Is the iPad causing a surge in ebook piracy?


Popular Bit Torrent site, Torrentfreak, recently investigated the number of downloaded ereader ebook files in conjunction with the subsequent release of the iPad. The numbers were quite staggering as research shown that ebook piracy increased by a whopping 78% after the first few weeks of the iPad release, according to “Goodreader” (, a provider of electronic reader, slate and tablet PC news.

The rise of ebook piracy is still pathetically small if you look at music, video games or movie distribution. Also, most eBooks are very restrictive and come “with a staggering amount of DRM that prevents sharing or lending of the ebooks,” says “Goodreader.”

“We believe that blaming the iPad directly for a surge in piracy is valid, but it is not the only extenuating factor in the rise of eBook piracy,” the site says. “The Apple iPad is a popular new gadget right now that is drawing in a ton of different consumers from all walks of life. Some people have the money to buy things on demand, and install all of their favorite applications and buy the books they want. Other people opt for the jail breaking and unscrupulous methodologies to get content for their device.”

“Goodreader” adds that we won’t see ebook piracy become a huge deal anytime this year, but “publishers and authors have to embrace ebooks and recognize that people have many different devices, and do not want to be locked down to an exclusive device.”

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