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Merge.It Pro adds doc merging capability to FileMaker Pro solutions

Troi Automatisering has released Merge.It Pro, created by IT Professional Consultants. It adds document merging capability to your FileMaker Pro solution.

Merge.It Pro is a newly developed FileMaker Pro application designed by IT Professional Consultants to enhance and integrate with your existing FileMaker Pro 9, 10, 11 database solution. Troi Plug-ins are used to enhance the functionality of the application. Merge.It Pro is designed for any solution requiring the need to produce multiple word processing documents.

You can add a document generator to your FileMaker Pro solution in minutes. You can create Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Apple Pages, OpenOffice documents with data directly from your solution.

A demo version of Merge.It Pro is available for downloading at Troi’s web site ( Licenses are available from US$129 per user.

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