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Axure releases Mac version of prototyping tool


Axure ( has nnounced the availability of Axure RP 5.6 for Mac. Previously, the web site and application prototyping tool was available only for Windows.

This release brings Axure RP natively to the Mac with all of the key features of its PC counterpart, including wireframing tools, HTML prototype and Word specification generation, and collaboration. It also includes enhancements that improve the usability and make the look and feel consistent for Mac users, says Victor Hsu, president of Axure.

Axure is making the licenses cross platform while keeping the price for a single user license at US$589. Each license can be used on two computers so a customer can choose to use Axure RP on a PC and a Mac without an additional cost. In addition, the Mac version is a free upgrade for customers who purchased Axure RP after Feb. 1, 2008. Other customers can purchase a maintenance renewal for $149 per license to use the Mac version. A full-featured 30-day trial is available for download.

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