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Australia: Apple says it’s not profiteering with the iPad

Apple has blamed the GST, not international price gouging, as the reason Australian consumers are being forced to pay more for the iPad, according to the “Herald Sun” (

Victorians will have to pay $629 for the entry level 16GB version of the device — about $70 more than for the same model sold in the US. Australians will pay an average 12 % more for the six various iPad configurations than US buyers.

Corporate affairs spokeswoman Fiona Martin told the “Herald Sun” if not for the GST component, the difference between an iPad bought in the US and Australia would be marginal.

“The (Australian) price is actually very comparable to the US price,” Martin said. “The difference is just the effect of local taxes such as the GST. If you took the GST off it, the difference would be as little as $6 or $7.”

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