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Analyst talks with ‘MacNews’ about the Mac’s future


In a new report Phil Leigh of “Inside Digital Media” (, a market research firm specializing in the future of media, said Apple will introduce as-yet-unannounced products to address market opportunities in the digital living room and media and transactional online services. But the Mac will continue to play a big role in the company’s future.

In fact, in an interview with “MacNews,” Leigh says the Mac itself is going to continue to gain consumer market share — and then more market share in the business world. It’s a trend that’s already underway.

“Many families will essentially transfer over to the Mac platform,” Leight says. “It will be the best choice for many as it’s more digital media centered. Then, gradually, we’ll see the Mac gain market share in the office environment as top level execs become Mac users and tell their IT departments to make the platform work in their environment.”

The analyst doesn’t see companies with hundreds of employes and more making major or dramatic Mac transitions. But there will be a gradual change, part of the “halo effect” of mass consumer adoption of the iPod, iPhone and now the iPad.

”People who over the years have been unfamiliar with the Mac platform are becoming acquainted with Apple products and how they work,” Leigh says. “When it’s time for many of the them to replace their current computers, they’ll replace them with Macs.”

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