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Lease a MiFi for your iPad for $49.95 per month with no contract is announcing a way to obtain Verizon Mobile Broadband. Starting today, they’re offering an option of leasing a Verizon MiFi or USB760 for an US$49.95 per month service plan. is offering the two most popular devices from Verizon, the Novatel MiFi 2200 and the Novatel USB760. If you have a new iPad, the Verizon MiFi will give you the most 3G coverage compared to AT&T’s network, and with a MiFi you can also use up to five WiFi devices at the same time (iPod Touch, NetBook, MacBook, iPhone, etc), says Michael Ginsberg, president of

“With our new Verizon Mobile Broadband Lease, not only will you save $10 month, but at anytime during the two years, you can easily cancel your lease by simply returning your mobile broadband device, or if you want to keep the device, pay $250,” he says. “If you pay $49.95/month for 24 months the device is yours to keep.”’s Verizon wireless mobile broadband offerings include:

° Verizon Mobile Broadband USB760 device for $59.99 and then pay $49.95/month.

° Verizon Mobile Mobile Broadband MiFi device for $89.99 and then pay $49.95/month.

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