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K4 6.2 compatible with Creative Suite 5

With the availability of Adobe Creative Suite5 vjoon ( has released K4 6.2, which is fully compatible with CS5. Publishers can immediately take advantage of the combination of multimedia capabilities offered by K4 and Adobe Creative Suite 5 by including videos or picture galleries in dynamic layouts and publishing them into digital platforms like the iPad.

With vjoon K4 6.2, the Hamburg-based software developer enriches its cross-media publishing platform with features for more collaboration and multi-channel publishing — such as real-time chat communication with sticky notes across different clients, additional preview capabilities in K4 Overview Advanced, and alternative page designs.

The sticky notes feature is also integrated with the browser-based K4 Overview Advanced, introduced with K4 6.2, which means the head of production can participate in the live chat on the document and can request changes to layouts directly from browser-based previews of the InDesign documents. K4 Overview Advanced also enables members of the creative team to preview and pull proofs of layouts as they would look if all of the objects on the layout were updated — without needing anyone to open the document in InDesign.

Using InDesign Server, the “prediction mode” of K4 Overview Advanced will pull in updated text and graphics onto a layout and make JPEG previews and PDF proofs that are accessible via a web browser. With this tool, editors can, for example, pull proofs that show the effect of their edits without asking the InDesign operator to update the layout manually.

The new 6.2 release enhances the creative team’s ability to manage alternative layout designs. If uncertain which photo of a celebrity or story will make the cover, for example, layout artists simply link different designs to the layout within K4 6.2. This feature allows for producing any number of different layout designs in parallel — with changes to source articles and photos updated on all of the layout designs from the database. Contact vjoon for pricing options.

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