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TwelveSouth introduces BookArch for the iPad


Twelve South ( has introduced its first accessory designed exclusively for the iPad: the US$39.99 BookArc, which supports the iPad for comfortable viewing, charging, and hands-free use in either portrait or landscape positions.

The BookArc for iPad is made from heavy gauge steel. A soft silicone cushion enables the iPad to be viewed in four different positions. One side holds iPad with a tilted viewing angle, in both portrait and landscape positions. Turn the BookArc around, and it stores iPad upright in portrait or landscape positions. All available positions offer access to the Dock Connector for charging and syncing.

“The iPad is great in your hands, but it’s not always a ‘handheld’ product,” says Andrew Green of Twelve South. “There are many situations where iPad is best used self-supported. That’s where BookArc for iPad takes over. The BookArc’s flexible positioning, especially in landscape mode, allows you to place and use iPad the way you want. BookArc for iPad is the ideal home for your iPad — when you’re done holding your iPad.”

The arc-shaped stand not only looks like a work of art on the desk or table, it elevates iPad for easy access to the charging port, he adds. Soft silicone feet on BookArc provide secure footing and leave surfaces free of marks. BookArc is also designed to fit most iPad cases with either the bonus silicone insert included, or by removing the silicone inserts entirely.

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