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Little Mac love shown in WWDC announcement

If you were hoping for a bit of love for the Mac platform whenever Apple got around to announcing the 2010 Worldwide Developer Conference — as it finally did this week — you’re doubtless disappointed.

There was no mention of Mac OS X 10.7 in the official announcement. Instead, it promised that “this year’s WWDC offers developers in-depth sessions and hands-on working labs to learn more about iPhone OS 4.” What’s more, the press release says that “WWDC provides a unique opportunity for developers to work side-by-side with Apple engineers and interface designers to make their iPhone and iPad apps even better.”

That’s a bit of a dissing for the Mac platform. And to make matters worse, there’s no mention of Mac apps being included in the annual Apple Design Award winners. Apple’s announcement says that “there will be five iPad and five iPhone Apple Design Award winners announced at WWDC 2010.”

That’s a stupid move. Mac developers are some of Apple’s most passionate, dedicated and long-time supporters. This is a kick in the teeth for them. Sometimes I have to wonder what in the world the folks at Apple are thinking — or not thinking, as the case may be.

By the way, the conference will be held June 7-11 at San Francisco’s Moscone West. And, Apple, didn’t you wait a bit late to tell us about this? I mean — c’mon — less than two month’s notice?! I’m sure Apple developers do have a life beyond their jobs, such as, say, summer vacations.

Very inconsiderate of you, Apple. For shame.

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