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Build-to-order models of new MacBook Pros see slight delays

If you’ve ordered one of Apple’s new 15-inch MacBook Pro models with build-to-order options you may mind that your shipment has been delayed, notes “AppleInsider” (

Several who ordered new MacBook Pros the day they were released were originally quoted ship dates within a few weeks. Now, those customers have told “AppleInsider” that those orders have been pushed back to early May.

Standard configurations of all the new MacBook Pro models, without the antiglare screen or other custom options, are still listed on Apple’s online store as shipping within 24 hours. Any custom 15-inch MacBook Pro appears to have a wait time of 5-7 days, while adding the antiglare option to the 17-inch model results in a wait of 1-3 days for shipping, says “AppleInsider.”

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