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24-Inch LCD for Mini DisplayPort ships


CinemaView ( says its new US$399, 24-inch LCD display for Mini DisplayPort Macs is now shipping. It works with any Mini DisplayPort equipped Mac and provide a full HD 1920×1080 work space that connects natively, without adapters.

Since Apple transitioned its entire Mac product line to the new Mini DisplayPort jack for connecting external displays no manufacturer has offered plug-compatible display products. Also, no display maker has adopted Apple’s current industrial design theme of aluminum, black, and glass in products aesthetically matched to current Macs, according to the folks at CinemaView.

The new CinemaView includes a 4-port powered USB 2.0 hub, and an all-in-one cable that provides Mini DisplayPort, USB 2.0, and DC power. Its UniFrame Aluminum construction is designed to match the look of current Apple computers.

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