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Apple’s financials: the analysts’ predictions and ours

Apple will announce its second quarter results for fiscal year 2010 today at 2 pm (Pacific) and we’ll have all the results here. Here’s what the analysts are expecting — per MarketWatch (– and what the Sellers Research Firm (that’s me) is predicting.

Analysts expect, on average, about 6.8 million iPhones to be sold for the quarter, compared with 3.8 million units in the same period last year. Mac sales are expected to reach 2.7 million units for the quarter, up 22% from the same period last year. Sales of the iPod are expected to hit unit sales of nine million compared to 11 million in the same period last year.

For the second fiscal quarter ended in March, analysts expect Apple to report earnings of US$2.43 per share, according to consensus forecasts from FactSet Research. That’s a big gain from earnings of $1.33 per share for the same period last year. Revenue is expected to jump by 47% to nearly $12 billion for the quarter, according to FactSet estimates.

— Dennis Sellers

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